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As the leading smart building design consultants and integrators in the United States, our passion is keeping you safe. We start where it matters most and guide you from there.

Meet Fortress Controls: Commercial Access Control Systems
We proudly integrate smart building systems that keep facilities safe from risk, liability, and harm.

At Fortress Controls, we integrate smart building technology solutions that resolve a variety of issues by turning defensive positions into offensive maneuvers, including:

  • Smart panic controls
  • Smart lockdown controls
  • Smart air quality controls
  • Smart HVAC monitoring

Boasting over 50 years of collective industry experience and unrivaled engineering expertise, we proudly fortify businesses nationwide with innovative and smart building services customized to your budget.

We install and integrate industry-leading products onsite and tailor them to your operational practices and sign-in systems. Ultimately, we design protocols that enable easy access while optimizing operations.

No matter the scale or industry, we offer tailored, smart building solutions to enhance your commercial environments and bolster your security. Moreover, using our solutions, you can search videos for specific items and people effortlessly and quickly.

Our integrated systems guarantee unmatched vigilance. Whether you’re interested in catching culprits before they perpetrate a crime or staying up to date on maintenance around your facility, our solutions can do it all.

Conventional security and video systems don’t deter criminals or prevent crimes; they react to crimes. However, using motion sensors, our smart building systems catch criminals before they perpetrate crimes and do damage.

More importantly, we boast unmatched engineering training, education, and certifications. Our proactive smart building systems keep businesses several steps ahead of wrongdoers and unforeseen disasters.

At Fortress Controls, we don’t just make you the master of your domain; we ensure it’s impregnable.

Meet Fortress Controls: Commercial Access Control Systems
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