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Develop Your Path to a Safe and Secure Facility.    Starting at the front door.

As national leaders in Mobile Smartphone Touch-Free  Access Control, Facial Recognition  and Biometric Access integration, we know a truly safe facility begins at the front door.

At Fortress Controls, our business is keeping schools, childcare, healthcare centers, retail and commercial facilities safe from risk, liability and harm. We start where it matters most and help guide you from there. Our focus is to integrate systems that work with your operations practices, and your sign-in systems. We help design protocols that make it easy to allow access to associates/clients/visitors/parents and children while maintaining secure control of the facility.

Fortress style control.

So, whether you need help deploying Access Control, Video Systems, Intruder/Fire Alarms, Perimeter Detection, Remote Video Guarding, Panic/Emergency Technology, Audio-Video Intercoms or maybe just general consulting on safety and security strategies, start with the experts that start at the front door, the experts that know what you need.

With a company focus on the most innovative cutting-edge technologies, our goal is not only to help you fulfill your safety responsibilities with a great system design but also to help you afford the best technology for your dollar.

The executive team at Fortress offers over a half century of successful  and relative experience in the commercial business and security industry. Along with experience, the education and engineering foundation that NICET certifications bring to you are paramount to our success.



Risk adversity helps you to control the unknown

                                              National Leaders

in Mobile Smartphone Access Control,

Facial Recognition  & Biometric Access/Sign-in Technology. 

                                            Certified Integrators and Trainers



      At Fortress Controls, our entire corporate philosophy is summed up in one very meaningful word:




noun: fortitude

courage in pain or adversity.


courage, bravery, endurance, resilience,

                 moral fiber, strength of mind, strength of  character, 

backbone, spirit, true grit, steadfastness.

    “they endured the challenges with great fortitude”




Who We Serve  

Energy and Transmission


Power Plants


Solar, Hydro and Wind Farms

Mining Operations




Healthcare Facilities

& Government

      Schools, Childcare Centers

      Healthcare  Facilities

Police and Fire Departments

Government and Public Buildings

Parks and Recreation



 Consumer Retail


Auto, Truck and RV Dealerships

Stores and Shopping Malls

Hospitals and Doctor Offices

Airports and Transportation


Commercial and Residential Buildings




Ports and Distribution Centers

Apartment Complexes and Residential Homes



A Different Approach

The technical associates at Fortress Controls offer industry-specific security design and planning experience. The astute attention to every detail, such as neighborhoods, lighting, building and site schematics are just a few. We are primarily Design and Engineering Consultants and we know what it takes to formulate the appropriate strategy and plan given whatever budget you have to work with. 

Let us help you move forward to a safer more secure place.

Because we believe in your ability.


Fortress Smart.



The Future has unlimited possibilities when you plan. Building a foundation and adding to it as your budget allows is a major focus in the Fortress Controls design process. We believe that scalability equals flexibility and affordability. With ever-changing technology solutions you need to know that the decisions you make today will not put you behind the curve tomorrow.


Smart decisions.

The Fortress way.

After all, we work for you.



Smart Security Services

Everything is smart today. Smart phones, Smart cars, Smart homes.

But did you know that your Security can be Smart too?

Fortress brings to you the most cutting edge solutions on the market today. Protect your properties from intruders, flooding, fire, smoke and environmental hazards.

Systems that see and catch the culprits in action and stop them in their tracks.

Before the loss occurs.

It’s time to Control your World. Learn about truly Smart  Security Systems and

Outsmart the Culprits.

We’re Here for You

The world has never been more volatile.

Safety and Protection are ranked as one of the top 10 concerns for  people at home and in school and business environments.

We understand the responsibility you have to protect your family, your business, your employees and your world.

Initial Consultations are free of charge.
Make a plan. Give us a call today.




  1. 1.
a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

 \”a plan to secure the premises”

Verb: to plan

1. decide, organize, or and arrange in advance.

\”he plans to design a safe workplace”

  • Video
  • video-camera
  • Internet Protocol
  • Systems
  • __________
  • Hybrid & IP Systems
  • __________
  • Smartphone
  • Viewing Software
  • __________
  • Smart Analytic Overlay Technology
  • _______________
  • Intrusion & Fire Alarms
  • Perimeter Detection and
  • Deterrence Systems
  • __________
  • Alarm Systems &
  • Lock-Down Systems
  • __________
  • Panic buttons and stations
  • __________
  • Remote Annunciation
  • ____________
  • Access Control
  • multimodal-biometrics
  • Mobile Smartphone Multimodal
  • Biometric Systems
  •        __________
  • Card Proximity and
  • Gate Entry Systems
  •       __________
  • Audio-Video Intercoms
  • _______________
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • picture1
  • UL Listed Alarm Monitoring
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • __________
  • Virtual Guard Services
  • __________
  • Live Manned
  • Perimeter Detection
  • from our 
  • Monitoring Guard Stations
  • __________


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Quality Over Quantity

We believe good business = good people and we honor those clients, colleagues and team members that have  helped grow our business. We hire only the very best seasoned Consultants, Designers, Electrical Engineers and Certified Technicians to help you take your business and facility to a new level of

smart secure.

Peace of Mind. The Fortress Way.